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Classes and Workshops

Our timetable of 10 to 25 classes per week is only the beginning. We want to develop a devoted community made up of enthusiastic individuals who enjoy sharing ideas and activities. Our members can start their own groups and classes in our studios too. Have you been looking for knitting, sewing, hooping, laughing, bouncing, networking or other clubs, start it here with like-minded individuals.

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Parent and Child Classes

Here are some of the classes we offer for parents and young children. The full timetable can be seen in our app. To access our timetable, you can register for FREE.

More classes for Parents and Babies and Parents

Please contact us for more information


Pro Tots

2.5 year olds plus
Garden - 30 minutes
Premium Outdoor Class

ProTot Sports is a unique sporting and physical development programme, specifically designed for Nursery, Pre-School and Primary School aged children.

This progressive and innovative system provides a huge variety of activity and was compiled and structured by a small team of Sports Teaching professionals all of whom are multi-sport qualified and have Professional and Semi-Professional sporting experience.

Our programme for younger children (2.5yo plus) puts emphasis on body strength, body awareness, and motor coordination, along with emphasis towards specific skill acquisition for the variety of sports; such as kicking, catching, throwing, tracking and anticipation.

Little Birds Music

30 minutes
Standard Class

Every child has a little musical tweet inside and music is a wonderful way for us to express ourselves! 
Through the use of live guitar and percussion instruments, we will explore basic rhythm, dynamics and how music makes us feel. But most importantly these music classes are a safe place for your child to make friends, have fun and make lots of noise!

Tiny Birds Big World

Non-movers and Crawlers
30 minutes
Standard Class

You and your baby can enjoy the gentle sounds of guitar and singing together. This sensory class includes sounds, touch and lights.

Floating Feathers

30 months +
30 minutes
Standard Class

We all know that we have emotions inside of us…that’s what makes us who we are!

But sometimes these emotions and thoughts can become overwhelming which can often leave us feeling quite out of control and confused with how we’re feeling. 

Yoga and mindfulness is a fantastic way to help children become more aware of their emotions which can be invaluable for coping with busy or stressful situations. 

Floating feathers is a class where children won’t feel like they have to be the ’best’ or have ‘achieved’ something - it is a safe space full of lovely deep breaths, playfulness with various postures and mindful games to bring calm and relaxation to a busy world! 

Creative Wings

Over 2's/Under 2's
50 minutes
Premium Class

It’s time to get our wings stuck into some creative fun! 
In Creative Wings we will get squishing, drawing, painting, modelling, shaping (the list goes on!) with a range of materials and explore our creative sides. This will also include sensory and tactile exploration through a range of art and craft activities. 
There is no right or wrong, so bring your creative wings and let’s have some fun!

Feather Tales

3 years and over
30 minutes
Standard Class

The best way to understand, connect and relate to a story is to dive in and become part of it! 
In Feather Tales, your child will become the characters, explore different worlds and use our imaginations. 
There are also opportunities for your child to do their own storytelling which will involve whole-body movement, imaginative play, poetry, songs and of course lots of smiles!

Wriggle and Rhyme

2.5 years and over
45 minutes
Premium Class

Does your little one enjoy lots of different classes? Do they like having a go at art, music, drama and movement?

Then Wiggle and Rhyme is the class for them!  

These classes are structured with one theme running through each individual…full of lots of musical noise, movement, messy fingers and wild imaginations - all in one!

Parent keep fit and relaxation classes

Yoga: Starting September 2021
Mindfulness: Starting September 2021
All Others: Starting in October 2021

Women Who Run

More coming soon....

Check back regularly, we are constantly updating our offering! 

Looking for more casual groups? Check out our cafe and groups section. 

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