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The Wings Workspace

Our workspace is available for any parent with nursery or school-age children. You do not need to have children in our nursery to use our beautiful space. 

All bookings include free Hoogly tea, with a choice of 16 flavours!

£2.50 per hour for up to 5 hours

£2 per hour for 5 or more hours

£1 per hour for parents registered for regular sessions in one of our nurseries - just complete this form to be added to the discount scheme and then register to book below.


Each booking is for one individual,  we do not allow the use of the room for meetings, unless you have privately booked the whole room, to enquire about room bookings, contact

Opening times and Sessions

8 am to 6 pm

Book as many visits in a day or week as you wish - there is no minimum or maximum. You can choose to book one-off sessions or regular sessions to keep your desk on specific days and times!

Onsite Childcare

Our nursery is available either flexibly or regularly. 

To use our nursery during your workspace sessions you will need to register with the nursery first. Once registered you can book ad hoc nursery sessions through the Famly app. 

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