The Wings Workspace

Our workspace is available for any parent with nursery or school-age children. You do not need to have children in our nursery to use our beautiful space. Book your first session to try our super fast WiFi and our delicious coffee. 

All bookings include free Hoogly tea, with a choice 16 flavours!

Opening times and Sessions

8 am to 5:30 pm

Book as many visits in a day or week as you wish - there is no minimum or maximum

One visit between 8am and 3:30pm is 75 minutes

3:30pm to 5:30pm is our extended slot and uses one visit on your pass. 

Booking options

We take regular or ad hoc bookings.

Ad Hoc bookings can be booked through our app after you purchase a pass. You can buy your first pass below. 

To make a daily or weekly regular booking contact the office at Booking regularly reduces your costs for the same slot in our on-site nursery. 

Onsite Childcare

Our nursery is available either flexibly or regularly. 

To use our nursery during your workspace sessions you will need to register with the nursery first. Once registered you can book ad hoc nursery sessions through the Famly app. 

Flexible options can be purchased OR

Regular Nursery and Workspace packages

Half-Day £36 (830 to 1230 or 1330 to 1730)

Full-Day £63 (830 to 1730)


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