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Memberships and Fees

Pay as you go

Register as a pay as you go member for FREE. Then, either book classes  individually or to save money, purchase a monthly block of classes or co-working hours. Simply choose one of our block options and book your classes flexibly throughout the month. You can access a wide range of classes and the cafe when you purchase a punchcard. There is no contract.

Bronze Membership Monthly Package £50

6 Nest own classes
Unlimited Baby and Toddler Gym bookings
10% Flexible Childcare Discount 
10% Workspace discount

Silver Membership Monthly Package

Buy Now

15 Nest own classes (those marked with N on the timetable)

Unlimited Event Bookings

Unlimited Baby and Toddler Gym Bookings

Priority Cafe Bookings

10% Flexible Childcare Discount

10% Workspace Discount

5% Cafe Discount

Gold Membership Monthly Package £150

Buy Now

Unlimited Nest own classes (those marked with N on the timetable)

Unlimited Workspace

Unlimited Event Bookings

Unlimited Baby and Toddler Gym Bookings

Priority Cafe Bookings

10% Flexible Childcare Discount

10% Workspace Discount

5% Cafe Discount

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Mixed Class Passes

You can purchase one of our mixed class passes to access a range of classes and events. They can be used to mix and match any of our own classes marked (N) on the timetable, the workspace, events and the baby and toddler gym.

Co Working Space

1 Day Pass = £16
20 Visits = £45
40 Visits = £80
80 Visits = £120

75 minutes of workspace uses one visit.
A day pass is 8 am to 5 pm. 
Only food and drink purchased in our cafe may be consumed

Flexible Childcare

£160 Credit
£300 Credit
£500 Credit

Your creche credit is added to your Childcare account and is available for you to book your creche sessions flexibly. Paying in advance gives you 10% extra credit free. Payment is by BACS. Creche passes are valid for one month

£8ph or £64 for a full day

8:30am to 5:30pm. 

Open 7am to 7pm

Workspace + Baby and Toddler Gym + Personal Fitness Mixed Pass

05 Visits = £12.50*
10 Visits = £20*
15 Visits = £30*
30 Visits = £85

Book now to access from August 2021
One baby and toddler gym or uses one visit. 75 minutes of workspace uses one visit. Each pass is valid for one month, except during the introductory period. *introductory rate

Standard Class Pass

05 Classes = £34
10 Classes = £55
20 Classes = £100

Book any class marked with (N) on our timetable. Each class booking uses one visit. You can also use your leftover pass visits to book the baby and toddler gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

What are the club opening times?

You can find our opening times on our home page.

How do I become a registered member?

Use the register button to register as a free member. Once registered you can book classes and event online, straight from our webpage.

Do I have to be a member to access the club?

Yes, you must register and be a club member to enter the building. Pay as you go membership is free.

Can I bring a friend to The Nest Family Club?

Yes, your friend can register for a day pass

Can I mix and match classes in my membership?

Yes, you can mix and match our own classes and groups! This is one of the great benefits of using The Nest Family Club. You can find the classes you love and mix and match them across the month. You are not tied into attending the same class every week. External classes have their own restrictions. Nest own classes are marked with an N and external classes with an E on the timetable.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Each pay as your go bundle is valid for one month but there is no commitment to purchase more than one month at a time. Memberships are a three month minimum term, after that, it is one full calendar month notice to terminate your membership.

What is the difference between standard and premium classes?

Standard classes are parent and child groups which are lead by our team and will require more adult participation supervision of their child OR groups where resources are provided for parents and children to access freely. 

Premium classes are classes ran by teachers qualified in their area of teaching, for example a Yoga class. Some child classes require minimal parent participation, while others require more.

In all classes, caring for the child is the parents' responsibility.  

What is the upper age limit for your classes

Our club mostly caters for expectant parents, parents and their children 4 and under. Our baby and toddler gym is suited mainly for those under 2.5 years old and in general, our play areas are most suited for age 3 and under. 4-year-olds are welcome, we love them too and we do have classes that are specifically suited to 3s and 4s, so look out for those for a more suitable class and group. If there are no specific ages specified for our classes the upper age limit is 5 years old. From time to time we will offer classes with different age limits.

When is the treatment/therapy room open?

Out treatment/therapy room will be available from January 2022. We expect the full opening of the club to be complete in January 2022.

What happens if I can not attend a class?

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