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The Aviary Cafe

A cosy place to be

If you are looking for the hustle and bustle of a crazy soft play centre, you have come to the wrong place!!

Our cafe is a small venue with toys where you can actually hear yourself think. We highly recommend that you book. You can book below up until 24 hours prior, of to book within 24 hours, just call 01273087069 and we can sort that for you. 


Look out for our special time slots on our timetables, such as our Business Networking, Expectant Parent or Single Parent meets! 

Cafe entry is free and you must purchase from the cafe, the minimum spend per adult is £3.50. There is no minimum spend if you are using our workspace. 


You can order from the cafe anywhere in the club. Just use our app to purchase your food and drink and we will bring it right to you. So if you using the baby and toddler gym, or attending a group, there is no need to leave them behind. 

Please note, only food and drink purchased from the cafe may be consumed at The Nest Family Club. You may bring your own food for your under 1.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Vegan Sandwich
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