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The Nest Play Groups and The Nest Baby and Toddler Gym

Meet other parents and children in a small group environment.

We have regular time slots across the week for our play groups and toddler gym. Once you register, you will be able to access the timetable from your app. 

In true Nest style, our Nest Play Groups are kept small and intimate. Our playgroups and gym are a casual alternative to our classes. Parents and their children can enjoy meeting others and explore the activities and toys on offer away from a structured class environment. 

Look out for our mixed-age and age-specific groups. Tiny babies in slings can attend any group as a sibling, mixed-age siblings should attend mixed-age playgroups. Or if you want to enjoy a group with just one of your children why not try our flexible nursery option for the other. 

Parents can enjoy a food and drink from our cafe during our groups and children can drink water or milk in their own cup, bottle or flask. You can order from our useful cafe app throughout the building and we will bring your order to you so you do not have to leave your child behind. 

We can not allow food to be consumed when using our play equipment.

This is to protect those with allergies and to ensure our lovely toys and activities do not get covered in food! 

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