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Children in the Garden

Wildernest Day Nursery and Forest School

Bright and airy indoor environments and a fully enclosed 450m2 outdoor learning playground and classroom. 
Wildernest Hove is located just 5 minutes from Hove station on foot. 

Our provision for babies and toddlers under 30 months is located within our nursery building, where the children have access to our carefully prepared environments. 

Our Older toddlers and preschool children spend 90% (sometimes 100%) of their day in our outdoor learning environment. Our outdoor environment has been carefully planned and divided to offer various learning opportunities. Children can explore in our nature trail, plant and tend to fruit and vegetables in our allotment, sculpt and build in the sandpits, bounce on the trampolines, develop their physical skills in our playground and engaged in more focused and group activities under our learning hut.


With flexibility for parents at the heart, we offer entirely flexible sessions bookable directly through our "Famly" app. ​

£10 - £11ph 8am to 6pm. 

Open 7am to 7pm

+ The minimum session length: 2.5 hours, unless the parent is attending a parent only class in the club, then the minimum is 1 hour​

+ Fees must be paid in advance or at the time of booking

+ Once booked the session cannot be cancelled

+ There can be no refunds for non-attendance

+ Fees include all snacks and meals, nappies and trips

Early Years Free Entitlement - We can accept the Early Years Free Entitlement for regular sessions in our nursery but not for flexible sessions in the creche. Instead, you can book a regular space in our nursery using your free entitlement and add flexible sessions as and when you require them. 

Flexible Sessions

Following registration for flexible sessions you will receive a login for our nursery/creche app, Famly. It will be sent to you by email, you can simply download the app and log in. 


Next, the we will confirm your key person and the settle sessions with you. 


For flexible registration you must pay £270 for a settling in period of 4 weeks and a registration fee of £70. The settling in period consists of:


Week one: 3 x 1 hour sessions

Week two: 3 x 2 hour sessions

Week three: 3 x 3 hour sessions

Week four: 3 x 3 hour sessions


The settling in period is essential to ensure smooth settling of your child for the flexible childcare option. It allows them to develop a bond with their key person and to be prepared for sporadic attendance. 


After the settling in period you are free to book flexible sessions as and when you require them, subject to availability. 

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